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This is a blog dedicated to George R.R. Martin's "A Song of Ice and Fire" series and the HBO television show Game of Thrones.

I have no skills in the gif and photoset making department though I'd love to learn. Here I will reblog all the beautiful gifs and photosets this amazing fandom creates! Also, I'll be blogging my theories and opinions (AND ADORATION) for the characters and the series itself.

Feel free to send messages/asks if you want to discuss the ASOIAF series or Game of Thrones! Would love to hear your opinions.

The North remembers.

Jon was not afraid of death, but he did not want to die like that, trussed and bound and beheaded like a common brigand. If he must perish, let it be with a sword in his hand, fighting his father’s killers. He was no true Stark,had never been one, but he could die like one. Let them say that Eddard Stark had fathered four sons, not three.

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Why do you want Cersei to stick around? I love Cersei. For one, I think Lena Headey gives such an amazing performance, and she brings so many different layers to it. It’s a fascinating character. Like, she can be the most terrifying and yet, at the same time, the humanity peaks through. At the end of the day, she’s really a mother protecting her own, you know, and trying to survive as a woman in that environment, as well as that family, it can’t be easy. - Pedro Pascal

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There are gods, she told herself, and there are true knights too.

All the stories can’t be lies.

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